Cross-cultural communication skills training June 2012

Cross Cultural Communication Skills Facilitators Training Day, Friday 29 June 2012 – The Nightingale Centre and Genesis Prevention Centre

Cultural Humility: Beyond cultural competence – designed to enhance the experience of breast screening and breast cancer care in South Asian women

Programme (click here to download) 

8.30 Arrival & Registration; Tea/Coffee


Welcome & Introduction

Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Perspective and Support

Lester Barr
9.20 Why do we need Cross Cultural Communication Skills Training? Anil Jain
9.30 Cultural Competence vs. Cultural Humility: A new way forward Chris Gillespie
9.45 Understanding the psychology of difference Chris Gillespie
10.00 Group Activity:

Holiday of a lifetime ( Handout)

All Participants
10.30 Microskills of the listening process (Handout and video) Chris Gillespie
10.45 Tea/Coffee
11.00 Advanced communications skills:

Challenges involved in communication across cultures

Chris Gillespie
11.45 Journey of a Breast Cancer Patient- Communication at every step Anil Jain
12.15 Group Activity:

Cross Cultural aspect of our Letters and Leaflets

   All Participants
13.00 LUNCH
14.00 Skills for Facilitators:

The interpersonal process recall method (Handout)

   Chris Gillespie
14.30 Roleplay 1: Bringing a real everyday concern to the interview. Practice basic microskills and the use of IPR All Participants in groups of 3
15.15 Roleplay 2: Working with reluctance to communicate using non-verbal communication for a woman considering breast screening All Participants in groups of 3
16.00 Roleplay 3: Working with the fears and taboos associated with breast screening All Participants in groups of 3
16.45 Feedback and conclusions Anil Jain