March 2012 meeting

Asian Breast Cancer Support Group Spring Meeting

Friday 30th March, The Nightingale Centre and Genesis Prevention Centre

Wythenshawe Hospital, UHSM NHS Foundation trust

Programme (click here to download):

  1. 1.00 pm                                              Tea, coffee and light refreshments, meet/greet and networking
  2. 2.00 pm Welcome                              Dr Kailash Chand OBE, Chairman NHS Tameside
  3. 2.10 pm Genesis Perspective and Support                                                        Lester Barr
  4. 2.20 pm Breast Reconstruction                                       Ms Geeta Shetty/ Lester Barr
  5. 2.40 pm Raising Breast Cancer Awareness in the Community     Asha Mehta/ All
  6. 3.00 pm Benefits of Participation in Research Trials                                Cliona Kirwan
  7. 3.20 pm Cross Cultural Communication Skills Training Progress       Chris Gillespie
  8. 3.30 pm Q and A Session on Breast Screening/Mammography Val Reece/Anil Jain
  9. 3.50 pm Breast Cancer Care Moving Forward Programme
  10. 4.00 pm Vote of thanks                                                                Anil Jain and Lester Barr

In partnership with: University Hospital of South Manchester, Genesis Prevention Centre. 

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