Cross-cultural communication skills training 2014

Cross Cultural Communication Skills Training Day, Friday 31 January 2014

The Nightingale Centre and Genesis Prevention Centre


Cultural Humility: Beyond cultural competence – designed to enhance experience of patients from diverse background

Programme (click here to download)

8.30 Arrival & Registration; Tea/Coffee


Public Health Perspective

UHSM Perspective


Prof Rajan Madhok

Dr Attila Vegh, CEO UHSM



Why do we need Cross Cultural Communication Skills Training? Prof Anil Jain


Cultural Competence vs. Cultural Humility: A new way forward


Prof Anil Jain
9.55 Cultural Humility: People, Principles and Practices- Video presentation Prof Viivian Chevaz
10.30 Microskills of the listening process (Handout) Dr Gill Reddick
10.40 Tea/Coffee


Advanced communications skills:

Challenges involved in communication across cultures


Dr Gill Reddick



Australian Experience

Effect of Poor Communication on patients

Cathy Hill                                                                       Dr Nusrat Husain


Self Reflection Exercises

Experiential Group Work


Liz Leaver/ All participants                           Dr Reddick/ Julie Lawton / All Participants



Lunch and Networking





14.00 Skills for Trainees:

The interpersonal process recall ( IPR) method (Handout)

Dr   Gill Reddick

/ Julie Lawton



Role-play 1: Bringing a real everyday concern to the interview.     Practice basic microskills and the use of IPR All Participants in groups of 3


Role-play 2: Clinical Care Scenario 1 All Participants in groups of 3


Role-play 3: Clinical Care Scenario 2 All Participants in groups of 3
16.45 Feedback and conclusions Anil Jain/ Lester Barr

Eligible for RCR 6 Category 1 CME/CPD Credits

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