October 2013 meeting

Asian Breast Cancer Support Group Meeting

Friday 18th October, The Nightingale Centre and Genesis Prevention Centre

Wythenshawe Hospital, UHSM NHS Foundation trust

Programme (click here to download):

1.00 pm     Tea, coffee and light refreshments, meet/greet and networking

1.45 pm     Welcome and Introduction: Dr Atilla Vegh, CEO UHSM

1.55 pm     Addressing Inequalities in Palliative Care: Baroness Finlay of Llandaff, Professor of Palliative Medicine, Cardiff University School of Medicine (download presentation)

2.40 pm     Words of Encouragement and Support: Felicity Goodey CBE, Chair UHSM

2.50 pm     Health inequalities in the Northwest: Paul Goggins, MP Wythenshawe & Sale East

3.00 pm     Short Break

3.10 pm     Link between Communication with Asian women who attend for screening and technical Quality of their Mammograms? Val Reece, S Iram, Anil Jain (download presentation)

3.20 pm     Using Multilingual multimedia tools for improving communication with Asian women attending for breast screening: Lorie Dickinson, Anil Jain (download presentation)

3.30 pm     Prognostic Indicators in Symptomatic and Screen Detected Breast Cancer in Asian Women: Alec Stewart, Anil Jain, Sigrid Whiteside (download presentation)

3.40 pm     Patients/ Carer Presentation

3.50 pm     Update from other Regions in the UK

4.00 pm     Surgical Perspective: How can we help the Group with its Objectives? Mr James Harvey, Consultant Breast Surgeon

4.10 pm     How to prevent rising incidence of breast cancer in Asian women: Anthony Howell, Professor of Medical Oncology (download presentation)

4.40 pm     Widening Cross Cultural Communication Skills Training: Dr Gill Reddick

5.00 pm     Feedback and evaluation; Vote of thanks:   Anil Jain & Lester Barr

3 Category 1 CPD Credits Awarded by RCR


In partnership with: University Hospital of South Manchester, Genesis Prevention Centre. 

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