April 2016 meeting

Asian Breast Cancer Support Group Spring Meeting

Friday 29th April 2016, 1-5pm, The Nightingale Centre and Genesis Prevention Centre


Programme (click here to download)


3.20- 4.05pm Interactive Group Work on Patient to Patient Support Initiative (PaPSI); Jo Taylor, Patient & Creator of After Breast Cancer Diagnosis Website (abcdiagnosis.co.uk)


1. How to help patients comply with their follow up and any on-going treatment?

Text Messages, Reminders
Sample info about re occurrence
Social Media care package
Website information
Increase help seeking behaviour
Meeting with mentor after 1year +create follow up pathway 

2. How to support their emotional needs?

Support Groups/Better access
Ask where they would like from

3. How to ensure they seek early help if any return of symptoms?

If it returns it’s still treatable – to make sure women know
Raise profile of the disease through media using Asian channels
Provide follow up information to take home
Use high profile individuals who have been through the issue to give people hope
Self-Examination more regularly
Attend follow up appointments
Advise that they should continue to feel confident to speak about it

4. Would they like to help raise breast cancer awareness/ support other patients?

Face to face /One to One
Training Education
Important to check yourself regularly
Appropriate Support available to them
There is life after Breast Cancer surviving
Role Models having gone through the experience

5. Any other need?

Offer sitting on Trust Committees
Interview panels
Support about passing on info it ‘Genetic’ to wider family
Offer Volunteer Opportunity in Trust
Give wider ? Info /Services Support
Turn Cancer Champions into wider community health campion
Service design to create services



In partnership with: University Hospital of South Manchester, Genesis Prevention Centre, University of Manchester

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