Louise Brady


LouiseBradyLouise Brady is Primary Care Liaison Nurse, North West Clinical Lead Group Clinics, Primary & Community Care Manchester Health and Care Commissioning. She is also Practice Nurse at Donneybrook Medical Centre Tameside & Glossop CCG, as well as GPN Advisor, National Executive, NHS Alliance.

Louisa is the Primary Care Liaison for the Asian Breast Cancer Support Group.




Am delighted to be working with Anil Jain and his team, to support the usage of group clinics, and group consultation in promoting greater awareness of breast Cancer.

Sadly, Breast cancer is still the most common cancer in the UK. Around 55,200 people are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Many population-based breast cancer studies do not include BME communities, and those that do often report them as a single group (Kim et al 2017).  As health Care professionals, we need to understand the social, psychological and cultural factors that can influence expectations, choice preferences and values.  

Mammography is an essential tool in reducing mortality from breast cancer. Estimated to reduce mortality by about 20%. It also comes with risks for over-diagnosis and over-treatment.  The role of primary care nursing is to partner with local people, support, and enable those shared conversations to take place.   Have we done adequate job of communicating the intricacies of mammography, benefits & risks to those we care for and with? Often, what people need is time. Group clinics help to create time and space within primary care and outpatient settings, to explore how beliefs values and cultural traditions influence how health and care information is received.


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